About Jobs and Hope


Jobs & Hope West Virginia is the state’s comprehensive response to the substance use disorder crisis. Established by Governor Jim Justice and the West Virginia Legislature, this program offers support through a statewide collaboration of agencies that provide West Virginians in recovery the opportunity to obtain career training and to ultimately secure meaningful employment.

Message from the Governor

Substance abuse is cannibalizing our state and I am deeply committed to do whatever it takes to fix our state’s drug crisis. The problem strikes at the health of not only the individual drug users, but at the safety of our communities, the quality of our workforce and the bonds of family. Too many West Virginia children are in foster care, or the care of their grandparents, because their mothers and fathers are in prisons or are prisoners of addiction.

We are making progress but more must be done. It’s going to take a major financial commitment to do this and now that we have a healthier budget and revenue surplus we’re in a great position to take a full swing at fixing our state’s problem with substance abuse.

Jobs and Hope is a beginning-to-end program that allows an individual to receive free career technical education. All West Virginians are welcome to receive free additional training and certification whether you have a drug issue or not.

When they complete the program and receive their certifications, they will have the immediate opportunity to expunge non-violent criminal offenses that can be such a huge burden to finding a job.

With a dedicated transition agent, they will have all the tools they need to find a job. One program to lift our most vulnerable West Virginians from the depths of addiction to treatment, education, forgiveness and a job.

Jim Justice,

Governor of West Virginia

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