Bringing Opportunities Closer: Jobs & Hope WV Offers Transportation Assistance to Second Chance Job Fair Attendees 

By: Matthew Holstein

Beckley, WV – In a concerted effort to break down barriers and empower West Virginians looking to rebuild their lives and careers, Jobs & Hope WV, in collaboration with the West Virginia Schools of Diversion and Transition (WVSDT) and MODIVCARE, is excited to announce a significant initiative for the upcoming Second Chance Job Fair. The event is set to take place on November 8th at the Beckley-Raleigh County Convention Center, and one of the most critical hurdles – transportation – is being addressed head-on. 

Transportation Assistance for Job Seekers 

Recognizing the paramount importance of accessibility, Jobs & Hope WV, in partnership with MODIVCARE, will provide transportation to and from the Second Chance Job Fair. This service aims to ensure potential job seekers can readily participate in the event, connect with employers, and explore new career opportunities. 

Job seekers in need of transportation to the Second Chance Job Fair are encouraged to reach out to Jobs & Hope WV Transition Agents, Cassidy Taylor and Charlotte Crowe, before the event. This invaluable transportation benefit is typically limited to Jobs & Hope WV participants. However, for the Second Chance Job Fair, the offer extends to anyone who requires a ride to the event. 

Contact Information for Transportation Requests: 

Cassidy Taylor: Phone: 304-730-3377, Email: 

Charlotte Crowe: Phone: 304-962-3732, Email: 

Addressing the Transportation Barrier 

Transportation stands as one of the most significant challenges facing West Virginians as they seek to reenter the workforce. In rural areas of the state, where public transportation options are limited, this challenge becomes even more pronounced. By offering transportation assistance for the Second Chance Job Fair, Jobs & Hope WV is taking a significant step towards bridging this gap and providing equal opportunities for all. 

The Second Chance Job Fair: Bridging Barriers and Empowering Futures 

The Second Chance Job Fair, scheduled to commence at 10:00 a.m., is a transformative event that aims to bridge barriers and empower futures by connecting employers and workers. The day unfolds with a traditional job fair format, allowing job seekers to interact with potential employers and identify positions that align with their educational background, training, and skill set. 

At noon, employers and community resource partners are invited to a networking lunch, where local leaders and statewide representatives will share insights on the importance of reentry and employer incentives. This session will also highlight available resources within their respective communities. 

The Second Chance Job Fair shifts gears at 1:00 p.m. to open interviews, facilitating direct interactions between employers and job seekers. This step is vital in achieving mutual success and advancing the careers of those seeking a second chance. The event is slated to conclude at 3:00 p.m. 

To further enhance the job-seeking experience, volunteers will be on-site to assist with résumé preparation and printing. Moreover, professional headshots will be available to registered job seekers, employers, community resource partners, and volunteers. 

By offering transportation assistance and facilitating this groundbreaking event, Jobs & Hope WV is contributing to the betterment of West Virginia families and the overall economy. The program remains dedicated to connecting motivated individuals seeking reentry into the workforce with employers, ultimately addressing labor market disparities and fostering a brighter future for all West Virginians. 

For more information about the Second Chance Job Fair or to register as a job seeker or employer, please visit: 

To register for the Second Chance Job Fair, please visit the official Jobs & Hope WV website, access our social media channels, or use the following link: 

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