Senator Joe Manchin Joins Jobs & Hope WV and Mountain State ESC in Launching Groundbreaking Emotional Intelligence Training Program for West Virginia Law Enforcement Officers

By: Matthew Holstein

Charleston, W.Va. – U.S. Senator Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) took center stage as the keynote speaker at a landmark press event unveiling an innovative Emotional Intelligence Training Program for West Virginia law enforcement officers. Spearheaded by Errol Randle and backed by Senator Manchin’s dedicated efforts, this pioneering initiative marks a significant step forward in equipping law enforcement personnel with essential tools for stress management, self-awareness, and improved decision-making.

On February 21st, in partnership with TalentSmart, Director of Community Outreach for Law Enforcement Errol Randle announced Project EQ, an emotional intelligence training program for law enforcement officers in West Virginia. Over the next three years, every police department in West Virginia will receive emotional intelligence training. A goal that would not have been possible without the help of Senator Joe Manchin III. Senator Manchin was instrumental in securing almost $1 million in federal grant money.

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With a robust Congressional Directed Spending request of $892,000 secured by Senator Manchin, this first-in-the-nation initiative is poised to revolutionize law enforcement training, enhancing the safety and well-being of communities across the state. Emotional intelligence, defined as the capacity to recognize, manage, and understand one’s own emotions and those of others, lies at the heart of this transformative program.

“I was proud to secure $892,000 for emotional intelligence training for all West Virginia law enforcement officers,” said Senator Manchin. “This training will undoubtedly save lives and make our neighborhoods safer.

Errol Randle, a driving force behind the project, emphasized the critical role emotional intelligence plays in fostering effective communication, empathy, and de-escalation skills within law enforcement contexts.

“Emotional intelligence is the ability to recognize, manage, and understand one’s own emotions and the emotions of others,” Randle explained. “It involves being aware of emotional cues, both verbal and non-verbal, and using that awareness to create better relationships and enhance the ability to make sound decisions.”

The Emotional Intelligence Training Program represents a collaborative effort between government, private sector partners, and community stakeholders, reflecting a shared commitment to advancing public safety and enhancing the professionalism of law enforcement personnel.   |   833-784-1385   |   304-583-4008